1. Jul, 2017

Mini readings for July.



1/7 It's a brand new month in a brand new year! Get out there and learn to stay silent! 

2/7 Be humble... And remember, it's not always about you! 

3/7 Know your worth! Don't settle for second best! You are amazing! 

4/7 Time will tell, what is meant to be will be! 

5/7 Don't settle for second best! Go for Gold! Know your worth! You are enough! 

6/7 We don't always know when we are heading in the wrong direction... But when we do realise it, it's never too late to turn around and track back a few steps ... 

7/7 You are your own worst critic... Be your own best as that's all you can ever give! 

8/7 Time to get started! 

9/7 Where there is smoke, there is fire... trust what your gut isn't telling you...

10/7 A very many years have passed and here you are! 

11/7 The best advice you can give yourself is to listen... 

12/7 The only way in is by choosing it for self... it's a personal journey we must embark on ourselves 

13/7 When you consider where you've been, also consider how far you've come... 

14/7 The path to freedom can be found where the path to confinement ends... 

15/7 Let go! If you hang on you'll be doing more damage to yourself... 

16/7 Sometimes what we think we want isn't what we need! It's just not! 

17/7 True colours are being shown by others... if your beneficial to their life, you matter! If you're not, you don't! 

18/7 It's your turn! You've waited long enough to achieve greatness! The world needs people like you! 

19/7 You are more in touch with your feelings today then usual, so pay attention. 

20/7 This is the time when you sit down and make some very important decisions in life. 

21/7 Today you awake with the desire to do something crazy. This may not be possible- or advisable. 

22/7 You are in control! The decision is always yours! But remember, so are the consequences. 

23/7 At some times you'll consider you're options more seriously than others! 

24/7 What you want you have to go out there and get it! 

25/7 Only you can decide what's right! No one has a say in your life unless you let them! 

26/7 Keep an open mind! Not everything is as it seems! Often what you see in front of you is an illusion... Look beyond and find what you're looking for! 

27/7 Recognise what the Universe is giving back that you once lost... What goes around, comes around :) 

28/7 The time has come to put your best foot forward and plan to succeed! 

29/7 Only what you do now will determine how far you'll go! 

30/7 Don't be kept down, you deserve to fly! 

31/7 It's time to be who you were born to be! The best version of you possible...