1. Apr, 2017

Mini Readings for April


1/4 All we need to know is inside of us! Go within and access the wealth of knowledge we hold there!  

2/4 Healing begins on the inside. Bring forth what it is that you hold deep and begin the healing process.

3/4 Faith, hope, love and dreams are within us all! Hold onto these and never let go! 

4/4 When in doubt, let it all out! Keeping the pain & suffering inside you only adds to the festering of open wounds... Let it go and begin to heal.

5/4 Times are changing! What was important to you, once, may not be as important anymore... learn to accept change like a rollercoaster. 

6/4 Life isn't always black and white! It's known to have some colours thrown in from time to time. 

7/4 Not everything you're told is gospel truth. Decide for yourself wether what you're hearing rings true... Believe only what you feel is real... Ignore all other. 

8/4 Tell yourself you're doing fine! Don't just tell it, you must believe it! Because you are! 

9/4 What's on your wishlist? Maybe it's time to rethink what you really want! Give it some thought today. You may find a lot has changed. 

10/4 We're all perfect in our own way! This makes us beautifully who we are! Don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful! 

11/4 Go where your heart leads you. Find your way by following your heart. Home is where your heart is. Go there! 

12/4 Let your inner child out to play! Allow the fun to begin. Life isn't meant to be serious all the time! 

13/4 Today follow your gut! If you feel like something's amiss! It is! Maybe just second guess everything before you take those necessary steps. 

14/4 Get all you need to know by asking the questions. If you ask the right ones, you'll find the answers to everything you've ever pondered about. But! Be aware of who's doing the answering. 

15/4 Today, take what you know and go out into the world, spread your knowledge, far & wide... Many souls are waiting to learn... 

16/4 Today you can make it anything you like. Don't just stop at the ordinary... do something extraordinary :) 

17/4 Today, take a few steps back & admire your surroundings... beauty is to be found everywhere you look. 

18/4 Sometimes it's better to just let it all be! Try to change nothing and no one... just stay true to yourself... 

19/4 Life is what we make it! Wether that be good or bad, happy or sad! Life is ours to choose  how we want it to be! Don't allow others to pull the strings, it's your own personal puppet show! 

20/4 We have a funny way of showing we care. Some of us do it with little effort, where others find it difficult to portray. Showing that we care doesn't mean you have to be bold. You can show how much you care discreetly. Sharing is caring, show someone you care today :) 

21/4  Let go ofvthe why's, how's & when's! Live for the now, today, right now! The rest will take care of itself! When the time's right. 

22/4 Life treats us the same way we treat life! 

23/4 A good day to get things done! Anything you've been putting off until you're free, you should do today, you'll never get this day again! Just do it! 

24/4 Today allow yourself to meander back from where you once were to where you are now! Take a bow! Well done! 

25/4 Remember all those who died for our salvation! So that we may live on!  RIP to the Anzacs...

26/4 Today is the doorway to the rest of your life! Step on through and find all the abundance waiting for you... I dare you! 

27/4 Take what you know for sure and put it to good use! Nothing you've learnt in your time here on this earthly plane should be let to go to waste. Everything means something! 

28/4 Let it go! Let it go! Don't hold onto anything anymore... let it go and enjoy being free! 

29/4 Once you would have wanted what you have now! Consider what you have and compare it to what you once wanted... 

30/4 We've now come to the end of another wonderful month in 2017 ... What are you going to succeed in, in May?