1. Mar, 2017

Mini Readings for March


1/3 We cannot allow ourselves to be considered as less than what we are... We are enough! 

2/3 Today, hold your head high! Look back st where you've been and see what you've accomplished! You've come a long way! 

3/3 Sometimes it's easier to let go when you consider how hard it is to hang on! 

 4/3 Sometimes we must forgive others before we can forgive ourselves! Other times we must forgive ourselves first! Either way forgiveness is the only key! 

5/3 Happiness comes from doing what you thought you couldn't do and when you've done it and gotten it rIght! 

6/3 We all have a choice! Either be happy, being happy or be happy, being sad! The latter doesn't make sense! 

7/3 When you feel like giving in, letting go, like you've hit a brick wall over and over again! Maybe it's time to stop trying! Learn to go with the flow! Allow what will be, to be! There's a definite peace in just being! 

8/3 Today, there is a cloud of uncertainty hovering above many universal heads. In that cloud there are many questions that remain unanswered. Tomorrow the rains will come! Ever question you've pondered will become clearer. Wait until tomorrow! 

9/3 In life we face many challenges! Rise to them! Don't try to avoid them! In time they will seem like they never existed! Time never stands still! 

10/3 Only you can give yourself permission to let go! Let go of all that keeps you from reaching that star! You and only you! 

11/3 March to the beat of your own drum! Don't allow other's opinions to have any effect on your life! Your life and life choices belong to you and only you. But always remember, so do the consequences of your actions! 

12/3 We are not martyrs! We are not heroes! We are human! We make mistakes and we should learn from them! The first time can be considered an error in judgement, after that it's a choice! 

13/3 Today, take all you've been shown and all you've been taught and make it work! Life's lessons are the hardest to accept! Teach yourself from them! 

14/3 Nothing is as it seems! Delay is good! If it didn't work out the way you wanted it to then it wasn't for you! Or it's not the right time! Either way! Delay is good!  

15/3 Take a step back from what you're doing! Breathe deep! Feel the air enter your lungs! Do this 3 times... ok! Go back to whatever you were doing! :) 

16/3 If you don't believe, you won't see the magic that awaits you! It's not seeing is believing, it's Believing is seeing! 

17/3 In the darkness of our own souls there is light to be found! Step into the light! 

18/3 Where there is sadness and loss, there is happiness and gain! Each follows on from the other. This is what is known as the cycle of life! 

19/3 Many souls feel they have lost their way, strayed from their beaten track. If this is you, take the track less trodden and begin again! 

20/3 Adventure begins at home! Wander around your own back yard! You may be amazed at what you might find! 

21/3 Always expect the unexpected! Everything truly does happen for a reason! Sometimes we just have to be open minded to know what that reason is! 

22/3 Hold back from thinking the worst! Your thoughts attract your reality! In every situation, it's never as bad as it seems... 

23\3 Sometimes what you think is real is in fact fantasy! 

24/3 Stay on the course! Of course if you feel it's wrong, then change it! Only you can! 

25/3 Life deals us cards which at times seem unfair! But in the end, it's for our higher good! 

26/3 Many souls seek guidance, if you feel lost, seek someone who can help put you back on the path... sometimes we veer off track so we can experience different directions! Doesn't mean we have to stay there! 

27/3 The journey we're all on is different for each of us... don't compare yours to another's! You won't get the same results...ever! 

28/3 Life deals us some devastating blows and we must learn to take the good with the bad... your journey is filled with disappointments... learn from each and move on... 

29/3 Letting go is and always will be the hardest thing to do... but sometimes hanging on can be harder... it's always your choice! Choose wisely! 

30/3 Watch for words that aren't said amongst words that are said!

31/3 Never underestimate the power of no! Say it and mean it!!