1. Feb, 2017

Mini Readings for February


1/2 This month is all about the spiritual health of everyone! How spiritually healthy are you? 

2/2 Meditation will enhance all efforts you make to be spiritually healthy'! Why not give it a go! 

3/2 Meditation! Bring yourself back to the basics! 

4/2 Love yourself enough to put yourself first! 

5/2 Regular Meditation practice will result in a much better life of acceptance. What will be, will be. 

6/2 Be happy! Be joyful! Find the good in all you do! 

7/2 Allow yourself to go within! This is where you'll find the answers hidden! All you need to know is inside you! 

8/2 Stop trying to change things that cannot be changed... Begin going with the flow. 

9/2 Meditation and a little personal space, a great blend to finding the peace you seek... 

10/2 Give yourself a break! Cut yourself some slack! You cannot be responsible for everyone else's choices. 

11/2 Feeling out of sorts today? Try prioritizing what needs to be done and do that! The rest can wait! 

12/2 Sometimes life deals us 'rotten' cards... even though you may feel that you have been dealt a 'rotten' hand. There's always something good to be found! Start looking! 

13/2 Take in a pamper session... Just for you! Maybe even a loved one! Do it! You'll love yourself for it! 

14/2 Love is in the air!! For all those who are single! Love yourself! Self love is the highest love of all! 

15/2 Take time to go within! Meditate just a few mins every day! First thing in the morning or last thing at night! Meditate right! 

16/2 Things may seem up in the air today! But It's much simpler than you first thought! Think outside the square! Actually! Remove the square, it really is  much simpler than you thought! 

17/2 Stop what you're doing! Put down what you're holding! Really stop! Take 3 deep breaths! Inhale deeply! Now close your eyes! There! Doesn't that feel better? Now Open them! Carry on! 

18/2 Just because it doesn't appear to be working, doesn't mean it's broken! And if it's not broken, it doesn't need to be fixed! 

19/2 Warm hearts and warm souls don't make a person who they are! It takes the journey within to mould them! 

20/2 If for any reason you are doubting yourself, don't , you are more than enough! 

21/2 When push comes to shove allow yourself to stand up for what it is you believe in! Even if that means you stand alone! 

22/2 Today, become engrossed in a good book. One you may have been meaning to write for some time would be a good start. 

23/2 Life deals us hands of cards in which we must decide what to throw out and what to hold Onto. 

24/2 Today try telling yourself 'I am enough'... 

25/2 Give yourself enough space to get it right! If it feels crowded, ask for more! 

26/2 Don't give others a part of your day if they don't react to you with a friendly smile. Your time is worth gold! Don't give it away! 

27/2 Trust your intuition! It'll never lead you wrong! If it feels wrong! It usually is! If it feels right! It usually is! 

28/2 Today! All you have to live for and look forward to begins now! Tomorrow is never promised and yesterday has come and gone. Today! Is all you have left! Make it a good day today!