1. Jan, 2017

Mini Readings for January 2017


1/1/2017 We now have a brand new year upon us. We've entered a period of new beginnings. This is the year of the 1. It's time to succeed! 

2/1 Today, be all you are and all you aspire to be! The only one standing in your way, is you! 

3/1 In time you will realise how everything that has happened leading up till now, is all connected in the scheme of your ultimate life. 

4/1 In time it will become apparent as to why, where, when and how come! For now just allow the answers to remain unknown! 

5/1 If you don't let go of everything that's keeping you grounded, you'll never know how it feels to spread your wings & fly! Be brave! 

6/1 Don't be afraid! Stand straight and walk tall! Face your fears... you may find they're not as scary as you first thought! 

7/1 Excellence is a state of mind! Failure is a state of mind! If you don't believe in either, you just won't win at all! 

8/1 Don't just stand there! Make a move! Standing still won't take you to where you want to go! Take one step up at a time and before you know it you'll be standing at the top of your staircase! 

9/1 In times of doubt! Don't! You are more capable than you, yourself even knows! Just give it a go! 

10/1 Freedom comes from getting it wrong! Not from getting it right! Your wings expand more each time you make a mistake! But! Only if you learn from it! 

11/1 The only one you have to please is you! Make your choices about you & for you! No one else can do you as well as you can! Remember! You're a limited edition! 

12/1 Just because it seems like the right thing to do, doesn't mean it is! Just because it seems like it's a mistake, doesn't mean it is! The beauty of life is choices! We all have them, we all make them, be sure those you choose cause no harm to you or anyone else! Choices can be fatal! 

13/1 Believing in yourself is the first step to a successful life. The second is taken in the direction of your dreams. Take tiny steps until you reach your goal. 

14/1 Remember all you wanted? Consider what you now have! Isn't it what you always wanted? 

15/1 Stay in the Now! Let go of the past! Allow the future to unfold! The now is all we have. Be happy with the now! 

16/1 Tmes like these you need to believe! 

17/1 Anything is possible with a little bit of organisation and discipline. Think through what you desire and go for it! Make a plan and don't stop till you reach your goal. 

18/1 Many things in life are baffling! They're designed to confuse you! Take the time to find the answers! Nothing worth knowing is easy to learn! Everything comes with its own level of difficulty. 

19/1 The best thing about making mistakes is knowing wether to make them again. The first time is a mistake, after that it's a choice! 

20/1 Sometimes we just have to accept that it ain't gonna happen! Let it go! Let it go! LET IT GO! 

21/1 Today you would have to be bonkers not to see what's right in front of you! Reach out and grasp the opportunitites that lie ahead! If you let them slip through your fingers, you may just live to regret it... Why not?? Take that leap of faith!! JUMP!! 

22/1 At times it is neither clear nor muddy... But dive in anyway... Take risks ... Isn't that what life's all about??? 

23/1 Be happy! Today you will receive something you have waited a very long time to receive! may it be a pay rise, or a compliment, either way... Smile, you deserve it! 

24/1 Today... Today is a wonderful day to be alive!!! Share with me in my bewilderment of life! It's so beautiful to take those extra few, deep breaths ... Isn't it?? Breathe!!! 1, 2, 3... Now let go! There! Isn't that much better??? :) enjoy! 

25/1 Today, do your best and sometimes your best just has to do! 

26/1 Remember where you were? That's where you once wanted to be! And where you are? That's where you once wanted to be too! Be careful what you wish for! 

27/1 Today, take a few moments to consider your path! Are you where you thought you would be? If not! Change direction now! It's never too late! 

28/1 If you wished for something to happen and it happened, would you believe it's because you wished for it? Or is it just coincidence? There is no coincidence! You wished for it! You got it! Simple! 

29/1 Just because it's right for one doesn't mean it's right for another! If it feels good, do it! You'll always have a chance to choose! 

30/1 When you consider just how far you've come, you'll see how much further you'll have left to go! Maybe it's not that far after all! 

31/1 Sometimes it's better not to say anything at all! Peace comes from silence but then so does ignorance!