1. Nov, 2016



The reading for today

1/11 What a wonderful day today " Summer is Coming I can feel it "
Or winter for others. Just feeling positive and enjoying the day
💚Love and Light 💚

2/11 Try walking in someone's else's shoes.

It's never easy but we learn and go about our day as we know how to. Have courage to smile and sing joy to the world 💚
💚Love and Light 💚

3/11 Time to oust the old and welcome the new! Let go of what once was and allow what is to be to enter your life. Now! Is the time for rebirth! 

4/11 Give yourself to your whimsical fancies today! If you haven't pampered yourself for quite some time, maybe head off and get a massage or a pedi. You are important! Remember to be nice to you! 

5/11 When times get tough! The tougher get even tougher! When it becomes rough! Try smoothing out the wrinkles before admitting defeat... 

6/11 Now! Not then, when, why or how! The answer is in the now! 

7/11 The time is right to determine where you want to be in 5 yrs. At the moment the stars are aligning to allow you to bring your deepest desires to fruition. Think carefully about your future destination. The sky is your limit. 

8/11 The time is right to come out of the darkness and into the light! For many, New experiences and awakenings are forthcoming. Please do not resist change! 

9/11 A huge atmospheric shift is taking place. If you feel a sudden burst of energy come over you, go with the flow and see where it takes you. Shine like you've never shone before. 

10/11 A shift in the atmosphere leaves many souls with goals and dreams unrealised... Don't give up your dreams, next year is a brand new cycle... 

11/11 Today is a very auspicious day for windfalls of all kinds... Wealth isn't only portrayed in monies but also health, happiness and joy intakes... Consider, are you wealthy?? 

12/11 Today is a day where we need to take stock of what we have accrued over the last 8 years and begin Decluttering our minds, bodies and Souls ... Our houses could do with a spring clean too... 

13/11 Give yourself permission to err! No one can be perfect 100% of the time! In actual fact, remind yourself ... No one is perfect ever!! 

14/11 Believe in yourself! Naysayers will always find a way to give you self doubt. Ignorance is sometimes the only way! Every one is entitled to their own opinion. Just be sure to allow them to have it.

15/11 Today is a very special day. After last night's Super Moon, anything is possible! You must only believe! 

16/11 Be grateful for where you are now! Thank the Angels for taking you away from where you once were! Although as a result of where you have been has taught you many lessons, take these into your new life and shine!! 

17/11 Life is amazing! Friends come into our lives for a reason. To stand by us and guide us in the right direction. 💚Love and Light 💚

18/11 Things may seem hard at first, but just remmember slowly "breath in and breath out" and say to yourself "I can do this" ❤ Love And Light ❤

19/11 We are still learning every day!  If you are finding it hard to find answers, find some quiet time, go within and listen to what your angels are saying to you ❤ Love And Light ❤

20/11  Exciting times ahead! Can you feel it ?  Not long now till you here the cheer of celebrations of family's and friends getting together and celebrating Christmas/New Years and making dreams for new times ahead ❤Love and Light❤

21/11 Life can be tough sometimes and we know it right, But dont let that get you down because you are special and dont you forget it .❤Love And Light❤ 

22/11 There's magic in the air! Can you feel it! Allow yourself to become who you were meant to be from the day you were born! You are the magic! 

23/11 In life we stumble. Fall and even drown! But if we believe that anything is possible... we can keep our heads above water long enough to see the land! 

24/11 Keep the faith! 

25/11 When travelling down the path of unknowing, believe that all is unfolding as it should! The only way you'll see results is if you look for them! 

26/11 When someone needs you, don't turn your back! That same someone may be your saviour one day! Be a friend! 

27/11 Take time to pamper your own needs. No-one will love you like you can love yourself. Self love is and should be top priority. Take care! 

28/11 The time has now come to wrap up the old and begin planning the new! This cycle is almost  in its final stages ... Results will soon be seen to be believed. 

29/11 Not everyone that smiles at you is your friend. Be vigilant in your own life as to who you can and cannot trust! You will know! Follow your inner voice... 

30/11 Now we've reached a brand new month. Not long till the new year begins! It's time to launch those ideas you've kept quiet about! Get them out there! I dare you!