15. Aug, 2016



15/8 A time of great wealth is approaching, be this the result of good luck, chance, or small lottery win. At times like these a windfall would be greatly appreciated by all. 

16/8 A visitor, phone call may be received from a distance. This person will bring with them chaos and cause disarray to one's life. However this may be a blessing in disguise. 

17/8 There is a big opportunity coming in the next few weeks, one to enhance one's life and it will bring smiles to many faces... This window of opportunity will not be here for long. If you feel this is for you, take it in both hands and run with it. 

18/8 Just because you didn't get that promotion, raise or better position at work, doesmt mean there's no more opportunities to come. Hold on and keep the faith. You're heading up! See ya at the top! 

19/8 Some situations arise, not because you want them to, but because they're already planned. Your thoughts are what's keeping this situation alive. Allow yourself to forgive them and most of all forgive yourself. The plan is coming along nicely. Why interrupt what is destined? Let it go!

20/8 At times you will feel overwhelmed by the tasks set upon you. Often leaving you with feelings of fatigue and extreme restlessness. Take a few moments of each day to relax and feel into the situation, it's never as bad as what it seems. An open mind will reveal aspects of the work you're doing n a completely different light. There is a method to your madness. 

21/8 Regardless of how things seem, how situations feel tirelessly overdue for a solution, time is passing... Everything that warrants a good outcome will take time to come to fruition... The test is, will you learn patience in the waiting period, for all good things to arrive?

22/8 There is a lot of chaos in the world at this time. The chaos isn't an indication as to what's wrong with the world. Rather an indication as to what we're doing wrong to the world. For you to have inner peace, you must first be a peaceful, loving, kind person. The love and kindness is what's been forgotten. Bring the kindness, love and forgiveness into your heart and change your world. 

23/8 In the coming few weeks there will be an opportunity for you to become who you were meant to be. If you see this as being an opportunity for you to find forgiveness within your soul, then this message is for you... Begin with forgiving yourself and you will find it much easier to forgive others.

24/8 The time has come to accept all as it is! If change is what you seek, be that change... 

25/8 When opportunity knocks, be sure to open up the door as wide as possible. When a window of opportunity opens, be sure to grasp it with both hands and RUN! Opportunities only reveal themselves to those who are listening, observing and taking notice... Ignorance will result in missed opportunities... Don't be one of those who miss out! 

26/8 Living with regrets not only takes away any future pleasure but it also hampers your future relationships. Learn to forgive, never forget what you were taught, but allow the past to be exactly that, the past. 

27/8 Today look into your own heart, see the kindness that dwells there for others, now pour some of that kindness into you! Being kind to yourself isn't being selfish, it is in fact, an act of self preservation... Be kind to you and then to others. 

28/8 Whenever you feel the need to blame others, first look at yourself in the mirror... Most of the time what we hold others responsible for is a result of what we, ourselves have bought about.

29/8 When the time is right, you'll know! Recognize your own self worth and don't second guess yourself!  

30/8 Travel is on the cards for the month of September. Those considering a move or holiday overseas, now is the right time to make a Plan. Within the next 6 months many will consider the path they're now on and some will make changes for the better. 

31/8 The only way you'll be able to move on from past hurt or disappointment, is if you put one foot in front of the other and begin walking.