Many people I have spoken to have told me, "I'm too afraid to hear what you have to say, and I'm too afraid not to"... or "I don't have the time to stop long enough to receive guidance, although, I do feel I need a lot"...

After much consideration I've decided to offer you the chance to receive your guidance/reading whilst in the company of friends and/or family. 

You may like to get a group of friends together with a few nibblies and host a spiritual gathering for 5 guests (including you) and for just $50 ea, I'm happy to come to you and conduct a spiritual, group reading... This includes my own oracle card reading. A spiritual quiz and a secret question... Along with a lucky number invite for a door prize. The hostess for the day/evening will receive a free voucher that can be used at a later date or given away as a gift... you can each receive an informative, spiritual reading to help guide you on your destined path... Sometimes hearing what needs to be said and heard seems to be easier on those who have support around them.

This offer, of course, is available only to those who live within a reasonable driving distance to myself... and the $50 ea charge takes time and travelling costs etc into consideration...

At each gathering you'll also get the chance to purchase my gift certificates, these can be given as a gift to anyone of your choosing... I'm running a special from now until Christmas... Buy 1 full price reading for $50 and receive a second one for 1/2 price, $25. 

Please contact me or drop me a text if you're interested and once a date is booked I'll organize for you to receive a hostess pack. 

Thank you 

Latest Testimonies from my Spiritual Gatherings

14. Sep, 2016

The following 4 testimonies are from a Spritual Gathering held on 31/8

I felt a very calming and authentic energy around Bec and what she picked up from her guides rang very true to my past experiences. Look forward to seeing her again and possibly working together in the future, KG

i thought the whole experience was worth every minute. Hearing about myself and any of my 'issues' from past, present and future in my life, helps to put myself on track and feel good about it. It's a good thing too when you are doubting yourself. It's really uplifting. JL

i thought the experience was uplifting and gave me help and hope with my own self and to love and put me first and live life with help from people and the feeling made me feel good and really liked every minute. The experience was really great. KH

my reading was very rewarding, answered a lot of questions that I knew the answer to but was enlightened to have had this experience. Would recommend to young and old. Thank you. B


The following 4 testimonies are from a Spiritual Gathering held on Sun 11/9

'Amazing' so very helpful. I feel so much better about my journey. All I can say is Thank you for you coming to see me Bec. I needed your help ❤️
Name witheldfor privacy

Came in with an open mind not ever imagining what I have left with. Worth the visit, plenty of things to think about which has helped me with my direction in life. Thank you.

Name withheld for privacy.

It was very insightful and I have a lot of direction in my life. I will take your words and forever think of them. F

After having a reading with you I feel a lot of weight lifted and I feel less stressed about where I'm heading in the near future. Thank you for your kind words and advice. ❤️ KI