This is me! 💕

**Who I am**

Hi all, I am Rebecca a Psychic, intuitive reader, Sometimes Medium , Clairvoyant, clairaudient and Empath.

Many years ago I had various experiences in which I had to walk the path & figure it out all on my own whilst I was learning about the workings of my own Spirituality & enlightenment. 

Its been a very interesting Journey with every day being different from the next. 

In the beginning I was told that the voices I was hearing in my head were 'crazy voices' but then many years later I realized what I was hearing was in fact my guide, my inner voice. I was quite surprised to learn that I have been aware of it for most of my childhood then finally I came to the point where I accepted it and since then it has become a part of my path to my purpose as well as being able to guide others on their paths of purpose. 

I wouldn't change anything about my life and to me this is the most important aspect of my life... 

At this present time I love how I am Learning, Hearing divine messages, Feeling, & being Shown more about not only my own path, but also about other's... my awareness of spirit is Increasing. 

There's no doubt... I'm beginning to have even more faith in myself and what I'm giving to others when I give readings, 

I'm learning, even more how to trust my guide & I thank her for her positivity and her guidance ... I know it's from the right source with the right advice...

I am wanting to share and provide guidance  with others... I have been giving readings to many beautiful, sometimes lost, souls as they continue on their journeys for many years now... 

This brings me joy and contentment knowing I've guided others correctly.   

What I give in my Readings is Complete Honesty & openness. You will not receive what you want to hear, however you will be told what you need to hear 😇 

I work Directly with my Guide, Alair, sometimes loved ones in Heaven may come through and at that time I will pass on what is given, however as a result of a very negative experience a few years ago, I no longer allow mediumship ... 

I would love to give you guidance & if you require any more info or would like to book a session, please directly phone me 😊

Love & Light & Peace to all 💚

The old me!

The new me!

Who are you?

Hi all, 

         Welcome to my new website.

Hi my name is Rebecca Henley. Also known as Bec. I am 49 yrs young, a mother of 6, Crystal, Jamie, Samantha, Katie, Brett (dec) n Dylan, step mum of 1, Anthony, mother in law to one young lady, Nanna of 19 and Great Nanna, to 1 beautiful little girl and I'm sure there will be many more lol.  
One day I hope to be a published author ;) I believe everything happens for a reason. I am an intuitive reader! I Love life to the fullest, after many years of enduring domestic violence through 3 relationships & having kicked ass of breast cancer I consider myself to be an overcomer... I don't relate to myself as having been a victim, that would suggest my life has been for nothing, no! It's been for all it is now! I have spread my wings and flown into a beautiful pair of arms...  Now 7 yrs + and still going strong! 

I live in Northam Perth, Western Australia. From Adelaide, South Australia.

My mission in life is to aid in the wellbeing of those who seem to have lost their way or strayed from their given track. We are all on our own journey so I offer those who feel they need to be shown a way of surviving on theirs to join me on mine and find that direction they so desire

I feel I have, at last, found my passion... Helping others... I have been in the Aged Care and Disabled industry for over 15 years now and I have decided it's time for a change. Even though I was able to better many lives in the fullfilling role I chose... I knew there was something even more challenging out there!

I am an individual who as a whole feel I am able to give guidance and healing where it is needed. 
I have been conducting Spiritual Readings for quite some time now in and around Northam and surrounding areas. As well as all over the world by email, Fb pm, phone and now Skype.
A huge thank you for those who have so far utilised my services ... and welcome to all who in the future will...  please don't hesitate to contact me using any of the methods mentioned here, if you or anyone you know are requiring any of my services, thank you my fb page is as below... Please feel free to join... 
To those who require further direction as to their path to enlightenment. Please join me on mine and be all you are from within..
Here you will find a wealth of knowledge all in one place from many souls all trying to achieve the same thing. To be the very best version of themselves. 
Life is a path which we set upon at birth, who knows where it will lead us. All we need to know is all roads lead us home. Home is where we began and in the end we will inevitably return. Be one who can say:
 I rode life's waves with vigor in my stride and wow! it was a hell of a ride!!! ;) Please enjoy my website and welcome to my life!
Wishing you all Love & Light
Rebecca Henley (Bec) 
aka Alairriala


Me in my true form...

Hi all... Today is a very special day for a lot of people... Everyone I've spoken to lately has been given aha moments... This business I'm in is not only going to take the world by storm but it's also going to allow others to soar to their highest heights. My guide, Alair, has given me some fantastic news!!! These people have been bought into my life and, as I was told, by Alair... They are going to be so very successful... They're all 'here for a reason'... To stop 'working for the man'... to become the best version of themselves they can be... The amount of times I have said to others, In counselling sessions, readings and Self Development groups... We are not humans living in a spiritual existence, we are spiritual beings living in a human existence! What we decide to do with our lives is not exactly up to us... Yes! We do have free will... But!!! Our lives have been planned ... My website has been curtailed so everyone gets to become the best version of themselves they can be... Look at the person sitting next to you, right now and consider why they are in your life... Are they your 'cheerleader?', your 'lover', your 'fighter', are they in your life for a reason? Life is just one big ride, we don't get to get off until it's reached the end... Now! You may say 'She sounds like her father'... He visited me the other night, with 2 witnesses, so I wasn't left ready to commit myself to Gray Lands ... along with Brett, my 'Charlie Boy', Keejan, my Grandson and so many other people who gathered in heaven sitting around 'Talking to the moon'... If you really believe in anything and everything being possible... All you have to do, is 'Hitch your wagon to a star'... Ralph Waldo Emerson... And believe you are 'Here for a reason'... Ashes Remain... Now those of you who are being contacted by the other side, by your loved ones and those who have left you, you will see what I've written here and you will understand... If you don't then this post, albeit, rather lengthy, is not for you... I would like everyone who has read this in its entirety to please post a link to your Small Business.. No large companies please, this is to promote the journey of Self discovery... I will add a page to my website promoting your business, only thing I ask in return is if you do I need you to allow me to take one of your selfie photos and add it to my Success Stories link... You may send me by email the best pic that portrays who you are... This is the link to my website ... It is the 'portal' to the other side and it will make you all into a successful business owner.. Take this leap of faith, if you know me, you know I'm not joking... If you are on my friends list then this post is for you... No matter where you are in this wonderful, wide world, if you want promotion... Use this: 
I'm not my father he rammed religion down people's throats which in turn got me bullied and beaten up every day after school and then abused by my partners and everyone who entered my life, until I took a stand and I made this life what I wanted it to be... Yes!!! I am your star!!! Hitch yourself to me, if you believe this, and you too will soar to your height at heights... My guide has just informed me... In a major AHA moment!!! Using 'music & lyrics'... I AM ALAIR RIALA... I AM THE EARTH ANGEL SENT TO THIS EARTH TO MAKE YOU ALL THE BEST VERSIONS OF WHO YOU CAN BE!! 
Until now I have been kept in the dark as much as all of you... But! My guide AlairrialA has now come to earth in the form of a beautiful child and my son Brett has now returned to the earth's surface, as well as my grandson Keejan and together we are a force to be reckoned with... My father in heaven is telling me to 'take everything in your stride and learn from the experience'... 'Nothing is given to you to harm you, it is to teach you, so you can go on and teach others'... If you've read this to the end ... Thank you and I will see your comment and/or your blog link, your small business link, anything YOU FEEL YOU ARE WORTHY OF, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHINE! If you don't agree with this PLEASE!!! Delete me and allow the space you leave to open for another worthy STAR in the making... Thank you and know I am not crazy but I am your STAR! 
You have been touched by an Angel 🙂🙂🙂❤